Can I make a reservation from overseas?​

You can make a reservation from all over the world.​

Can people from Taiwan also use the services provided by Ahand?​

Ahand welcomes travelers  from all over the world to use our service.​

How can I modify the content of my reservation after completing an online reservation?​

You will receive a confirmation letter sent by Ahand once the reservation is made. Contact Ahand by phone or simply reply the e-mail if you wish to modify your reservation.



Will Ahand charge any handling fees if I wish to cancel my reservation?​

No fees will be charged before the use of service. Contact Ahand by phone or simply reply the e-mail if you wish to cancel your reservation.​



Can I have a representative to make all reservations online?​

It is possible to have a representative that takes care of all your online reservations.​

Does Ahand provides other reservation methods other than online service? ​

In addition to using services offered by Ahand through online reservation, you can also make a reservation by simply contacting Ahand at our number.​

Do I have to make the payment in advance after completing online reservation?​

There is no need for you to pay in advance. Payment can be made at the store upon your arrival.​

Which payment methods are accepted?​

Ahand only accepts cash at the moment. Diversified payment method will be available in the future.​

What can I do if I arrive early or late at Ahand after I book the service online? ​

Luggage Storage Service: You could directly check in at our counter either arriving early or late on the day of reservation.​

Airport Delivery Service: If you arrive late in Ahand on the day, please check with the counter staff first. If you have missed the delivery time and your luggage cannot arrive at the airport within the time, then we cannot provide our service.

I have already booked luggage and articles storage service via internet. Can I make an additional purchase for mobile power bank rental or claim at other locations at the store?​

It is possible to make additional purchases at our store. However, the special offer of 5% discount is only applicable to the services whose reservations are made via internet in advance.​

When can I pick up my stuff at other locations after storing my baggage at the store?​

Claim at other locations can be made three hours after storage. For example, if you store your goods and bags at Ahand A store at 14:45 and choose to pick them up at other location, you can claim the stuff at Ahand B store after 17:45.​

When can I pick up my luggage at airport counter for using airport delivery service?​

Pieces can be claimed at airport counter two hours before departure time at the earliest for those who choose to deliver their luggage directly to the airport​

Is it possible to simply purchase the cartons for using your packing service?​

Sure. Carton and packing service can be chosen separately according to different needs​

Is it possible to return mobile power bank at other locations?​

No problem. Note that no extra fee will be charged if one chooses to return mobile power pack at other locations​

Is it possible that I ask the souvenir shop to deliver the purchased products to Ahand and pick them up at Ahand store later?​

Sure. For using Ahand's delivery collection service, remember to make an online or phone reservation in advance so that we can arrange for you.​


Are there any items which are not applicable to Ahand’s luggage and articles storage service, airport delivery and delivery collection service?​

Please refer to the notices for items and objects that are inapplicable to Ahand’s luggage and articles storage service, airport delivery and delivery collection service. Please make sure that all the inadequate items mentioned above are excluded before using services provided by Ahand.​

How can I cope with the situation of lost goods or items while using Ahand’s luggage and articles storage, airport delivery or delivery collection service?​

Should there be any negligence during the process of delivery, storage or collection, Ahand will bear full responsibility for the lost with sincerity. The maximum amount of claim for per piece is NTD 5000.​