Luggage Storage

● The weight of the item should be within 30 kg, together with length + width +height under 160cm

● Claim at other locations can be made three hours after storage at the earliest

● NT: 60/3 hours per piece

● NT: 180/day per piece

(pick up before closing)

● + NT: 80 / Off-site pickup

Off-site pickup coming soon

Drop off at airport

● The weight of the item should be within 30 kg

● Pieces can be claimed at airport counter two hours before departure time at the earliest 

● Length + width + height<120cm

NT:395 per piece

● 120cm<Length + width + height<160cm 

NT:425 per piece

Packing Service and Cartons

● Carton and packing service can be chosen separately according to different needs

● NT:90 / big carton

● NT:60 / small carton

● NT:40 / packaging service

Free mobile power rental

● No deposit is required if the service is collocated with luggage storage. If the service is not collocated with luggage storage, a deposit of NTD 500 is required and will be refunded once the mobile power bank is returned.

●No extra fee will be charged if one chooses to return mobile power pack at other locations


Collection of parcels

● Please made an online reservation or via phone in advance. Please note that the collect service is unavailable without prior notification

●NT:90 /day per piece